Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF)  -  Dec 16, 2010

Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF)
Brief Description:
Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF) it is the latest innovative technology which it help you to fat eliminated. Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar, it is use non surgery and non invasive procedure.

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Detailed Description:
Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF) it is the latest innovative technology which it help you to eliminated a fat. Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF), it is used nonsurgery and non invasive procedure.Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar procedure it is without pain. Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar AdipoGo Cavitation, Tripollar Radiofrequency, Vacuum, Bipolar Radiofrequency and 650 laser. Slimming system AdipoGo body slimming system combines: 1. Technology of vacuum 2. Technology of Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar fat burning 3.Technology of cavitation celluliting The three technologies are combined together to reduce the cellulite through the following three steps: 1. Cavitation cellulite: diminish the big fat granules 2. Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar Fat Burning: dissolve the small fat granules 3. Vacuum + RadioFrecvency Fat Kneading and Burning: speed up metabolizing the dissolved fatty acid and glycerol (fat) Applications 1. Fat Reduction and body contouring, tightening the muscles of arm, crus, thigh, buttocks, waist and abdomen. Body reshaped. 2. Effectively improves the orange peel issue to varying degrees ease the pain (such as anthelia, sciatica), do mechanical aerobic exercise to the skin tissue regularly, pressure and fatigue prompt relief. 3. Skin Tightening, Skin Elasticity strengthening improvement of the enlarged pores, skin rejuvenation. 4. Stimulates the collagen and promotes the skins metabolism, then the metabolic waste in the body tissue will be removed by the deep and powerful lymph therefore offers the lymphatic drainage throughout the body. Features of the system 1. Excellent imported radio frequency generator, high quality and perfect treatment. 2. Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar continuous and pulse output could be chosen freely to make the treatment flexible. 3. The expert system runs automatically which makes the operation easy to learn. 4. Induced Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar hand piece to make the treatment accurately. 5. Selected imported Japanese vacuum pump which has strong suction, stable frequency and long working time. 6. Remote operation to make it easy to work with and avoid harming the customer. 7. European CE certification.

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Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF)
Beauty Radiofrequency Tripollar (RF)