Bags  -  May 5, 2010

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Expiry Date: Feb 5, 2011
Detailed Description:
The collection is based on 6 lines: 1. Elegant loafers with 3 and 6 cm heels; colours are in the pastel range including cream and some African tones; materials include Moroccan leather, suedes with a metallic look and snake. 2. Formal and evening shoes; sophisticated and with heels exceeding 7 cm in satin, silk and decorated with Svarovski crystals and metal fittings. 3. Sandals for streetwear and evening wear with heels between 5 and 8 cm, with extremely low necks or elaborate straps using metallised leathers and Moroccan leather. 4. For this season we are also showing some espadrilles but with a sophisticated cut, more like high-heeled sandals, very elaborate with a jute wedge heel. 5. Wood: we have also extended our collection to include some wooden styles, which while rather “unusual” for a Magrit collection, have been very well accepted by our key accounts. 6. Bailarinas y “saquettos”: we have extended our traditional flats and kitten heel line with a range in “saquetto” design. These shoes bring a new type of comfort with their refined toes and flat heels going down very well so far; we are very satisfied with them because we feel we can offer our customerbase something really new.

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