ZC1 compact vertical form fill seal machine  -  Apr 26, 2010

ZC1 compact vertical form fill seal machine
Brief Description:
ZC1 compact vertical form fill seal machine.

Expiry Date: Jul 26, 2010
Detailed Description:
Presentation of the Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Line ZC1 Series. The ZC1 integrated solution optimises the weigher-packaging machine combination by making the most of the Series C1 multi-head weigher and the Zenith model vertical packaging machine. The ZC1 offers high quality standards which translate into high weighing accuracy, aesthetically perfect packages and easy maintenance, programming and operating safety over time. # The ZC1 is 100% Made in Italy. # Compact and ergonomic design, easy to clean. # Many available versions each of them may be custom made. # Outstanding speed/accuracy ratio are achieved Greater savings, greater safety, higher productivity. # Parameter setting reduced to just 3 sets of data. The rest are set by means of automatic functions in real time which represent a great improvement with respect to manual intervention by the operator. # Multi media software based on Windows, which can be controlled remotely. # Extractable and interchangeable modules. # Smooth structure with no bug traps which is easy to clean. # Vibrating bases with optimum, precise vibrating angles. Stable and reliable hardware with powerful processor (up-to-date).

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ZC1 compact vertical form fill seal machine
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ZC1 compact vertical form fill seal machine
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