Tilapia  -  Aug 9, 2010

Place of Origin: Spain
Model Number: SG281
Brand Name: Metro
Certification: Other
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Virtually unknown still a few years ago Tilapia has now become one of the most sought after and farmed fish types worldwide. This “exotic fish” originates from the tropic and sub-tropic regions of Africa, Madagascar, South America and Asia and is considered the “fish of the millennium” on the world market on account of its diversity.

Depending on its habitat and type, tilapias change their appearance: brownish with regular dark vertical stripes throughout the depth of their body when they originate from the Nile, rather lighter with two convergent dorsal fins characterize the species originating from Mozambique.
"This fish convinces gourmets with its tender meat which is suited for the most diverse forms of preparation – be it frying, grilling or steaming", explains Harald Jerke, METRO Cash & Carry’s expert for fresh fish.
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The fish expert observes that gourmet restaurants are increasingly putting exotic fish like Tilapia on their menus. The assortment caters to this trend: "From Senegalese grouper to Pangasius from the Mekong Delta, our assortment includes around 100 exotic fish species – available fresh at the store or for order", said Jerke. "Our offer of course does not include any protected species or fish caught by net fishing".

Among the species that are particularly sought after by gastronomers are also the red scorpion fish, the Barramundi and the John Dory characterized by its impressive spines on the dorsal fin and a round spot on the flank, which – legend has it – represents St. Peter’s thumbprint.

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