Porsche Cayenne  -  Jul 21, 2010

Porsche Cayenne
Place of Origin: Germany
Model Number: SG162
Brand Name: Porsche
Certification: Other
Porsche Cayenne
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Detailed Product Description:
* Drive
Performance taken to an entirely new level.
* Chassis
The optional PDCC system helps reduce lateral body movement during cornering.
* Off-Pavement
Massive torque helps you power through the unpredictable surfaces.
* Safety
Pursue the thrill of driving. But always keep safety foremost.
* Comfort
Achieving genuine comfort requires careful attention to detail.
* Versatility
In case you have other passions besides sporty driving.
* Colors
Choose from a selection of two solid and eight metallic exterior paints.
* Environment
Going to every extreme, doing so in every respect.
* Personalization
A logical extension of our penchant for independent thinking.

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