Fused PM Coupler  -  Nov 3, 2015

Fused PM Coupler
Place of Origin: CHINA
Model Number: FPMC
Brand Name: OF-LINK
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
Fused PM Coupler
Price: 300-600USD
Price Terms: FOB CIF
Payment Terms: T/T PAYPAL
Detailed Product Description:
Wavelength: Custom Wavelength or 780nm 810nm 830nm 850nm 915nm 980nm 1030nm 1040nm 1053nm 1064nm 1080nm 1310nm 1480nm 1550nm 2000nm
Handling Power: or Custom Handling Power 2W
Fiber Type: Polarization Maintaining (PM) Panda Fiber

Fused Polarization Maintaining (PM) Coupler is built by using fused biconical taper (FBT) technology. It can be used to split the input signal at various ratios while preserving the polarization with high extinction ratio. High power handling up to 2W as normal and up to 5W or higher is available upon request.

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