Batching conveyor scale  -  Sep 25, 2011

Batching conveyor scale
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: Batching conveyor scale
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Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, Other
Batching conveyor scale
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Detailed Product Description:
The batching conveyor scale is designed for insertion into transport lines for various materials to provide controlled smooth feeding of the required quantity to the production equipment. The batching conveyor scale enables the control of the supplied amount of material depending on the suitable operational parameter. The equipment of the batching conveyor scale ensure also standard outputs of a common conveyor scale, i.e. balancing of the consumption or production.

The conveyor rollers are fixed on the short, rigid construction made of rolled sections. The drive is provided by means of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor with a frequency converter, which enables direct variable batching from 20 to 150 % of the rated output. A worm gearbox with a gear suitable for the required application is included between the electric motor and the shaft of the driving drum. The material of the conveyor belt is selected out of many types so that it meets also the requirements of the rough operation. On the input side of the conveyor there is installed the needed feeding equipment, including the section shaper with variable height. In the next part of the conveyor there is installed the tensometric scale weighing section with the protection against overloading, the belt speed transmitter, the protective signalling of belt deviation, the indicator of correct tension of the belt and other equipment. In case of need the batching conveyor scale may be supplied in the housed variant (to reduce dustiness, etc.).

The electronic equipment of the batching conveyor scale is located in a separate dustproof box of the dimensions of 300x400x210 mm (w x h x d), to be mounted on a wall close to the batching conveyor scale. The frequency converter is placed in it own box of the dimensions of 400 x 600 x 210 mm (w x h x d), to be mounted on a wall too.

The control unit for the batching conveyor scale is usually located in the control room, no matter how far from the mechanical part of the batching conveyor scale. The basic part of the control unit is the compact microcomputer station MIDIAS, which evaluates the transported quantity according to the entered program and keeps it on the required value with the required accuracy by means of the frequency converter. For presetting of the required value of the transported quantity there is an industrial terminal with a membrane keyboard and a four-line display, which also enables to monitor current operational values as well as total balances.

The sensors and the evaluation electronics enable measuring of weight with an accuracy of 0.03% (3000 division lines). As a result of various operating conditions (variable toughness of the belt, vibrations of the conveyor, bigger temperature oscillation, variable load at the discharger etc.), the achievable accuracy in the operation is from 0.5 to 1.5 % of the rated transported quantity.

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Batching conveyor scale
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