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Scale for conveyors
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: Type TPV – 400
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Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, Other
Scale for conveyors
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Detailed Product Description:
The construction of the scale is adapted for building in belt conveyors of various types and tilts. It enables continuous monitoring of the transported quantity, both the instantaneous value and the total amount in the specified time (weight of batches). The measured values (weight, operating hours etc.) can be transferred from the evaluation electronics to the PC (notebook) by means of the supplied cable (so called local transfer) or by means of the GSM network (so called remote transfer). In the PC the data are processed by means of the "Stone Breaker" program. The conveyor scale is used especially for the following applications: check of supplied or processed quantity (wagons, crushers etc.), control of the required amount of material on the technological lines, long-term balancing of consumption or production, batching of the prescribed quantity of raw material, maintenance of the mixing proportion of two or more raw materials.
The construction arrangement of the sensor part is on Fig. 1. The adapted set of rollers – weighing – which transfers the instantaneous load of the belt to the tensometric sensor, is built in a suitable place among the existing bearing rows of rollers of the conveyor. In some more complex cases there can be even two rows of rollers sensing the load of the belt in the measuring section. The set includes also the sensor of revolutions for evaluation of the instantaneous speed of the belt.

The electronic equipment and the weighing unit are located in a metal dustproof box of the dimensions of 250 x 300 x 210 mm (w x h x d). The industrial terminal with a four-line display and a membrane keyboard. by means of which the operator performs the operations necessary for the correct functioning of the scale (e.g. taring), is located on the front side of the box. The basic information about the weighing process is displayed continuously on the display (see Fig. 2).

Vyhodnocovací část

The sensors and the evaluation electronics enable measuring of weight with an accuracy of 0.03% (3000 division lines). As a result of various operating conditions (variable toughness of the belt, vibrations of the conveyor, bigger temperature oscillation, changes of tilt, etc.), the achievable accuracy in the operation is  1% to  2% of the transported quantity.

When utilizing the extending accessories of the evaluation electronics consisting of the technical and program equipment for the local transfer (via the cable) or remote transfer (via GSM), it is possible to transfer the information about production to the PC (notebook) with installed program "Stone Breaker". On the basis of the information the "Stone Breaker" program enables to:

view the currently measured values (display of the industrial terminal)
display the table of the hourly output of the conveyor (machine)
display the table of operating hours of the conveyor (if the instantaneous output of the conveyor is higher than minimum)
enter the minimum output of the conveyor
display the table of the total output of the conveyor in dependence on the order or the mobile machine
create a balance report for each order
display and print the above mentioned tables
further process in the EXCEL program according to individual requirements of the operator (e.g. create graphs)

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