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Cable Manufacturing
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: Cable Manufacturing
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Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, Other
Cable Manufacturing Cable Manufacturing Cable Manufacturing
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Detailed Product Description:
The cable production services are focused on cable bundles delivery for consumer electronics, industrial and measuring applications. A huge part of manufacture composes of high frequency cables with terminators and paired telecommunication cables. These cables are the most exported ones together with cables for Ericsson technological equipment.

We can produce simple bundles to support complexity of electronic production for car industry, tuning and consumer electronics. On the contrary we make very special and complicated cables for hard applications and climatic environment in the area of energetic industries, telecommunications, army technologies etc. Our know-how includes also specific solutions for medical and operating technology with resistance to vapour or chemical sterilization.

A very developed group consists of paired multiple pole cables for communication equipment, coaxial junctions (jumper, pigtail) and reductions for high frequency signals especially semi-rigid cables for very high frequencies. On the opposite side there are low frequency, measuring and low-noise cables and sensor cables with Micordot (UNF10-32) connectors.

Manufacture equipment consists of a large number of special automatic or half-automatic machines with high power and precision. We monitor new manufacture trends as well as develop new technological procedures with their own tools for production. Production documentation and our quality system guarantees high quality of our work. Production is possible from pieces up to huge series. We have a large amount of material in our warehouse for a quick order delivery.

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