Powder Metal Connecting Rods  -  Sep 25, 2011

Powder Metal Connecting Rods
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: Powder Metal Connecting Rods
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Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, Other
Powder Metal Connecting Rods
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Detailed Product Description:
Metaldyne offers the latest technology in connecting rods, supplying finished, machined and assembled fracture-split powder metal connecting rods. This eliminates significant investment costs for the OEM while delivering a lighter, stronger, superior quality forging. Metaldyne provides powder metal connecting rods for more programs worldwide than any other supplier.

Gasoline and diesel engine applications available
Beam geometry designed to maximize stiffness and bending ratio, optimizing strength-to-weight ratio
Reduced reciprocating and rotating mass, improving engine fuel efficiency
Net shape forming improves material utilization by 40% vs. conventional forged steel
Up to 4:1 increase in machining tool life

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