Accordion bags  -  Apr 17, 2011

Accordion bags
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: 0063/1 ,0061/00, 0059/00
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Certification: Other
Accordion bags
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Detailed Product Description:
PES 600 D, hard PH foil + 2 cm PU foam, front zipper opening, strong zip, formed backpacking straps

- 0063/00 available for 120 bass, front pocket
(no picture)
- 0063/01 available for 120 bass, inner pocket
- 0061/00 available for 96 bass (with Setting blocks available for 72 basss), front pocket
- 0059/00 available for 4-r heligon or for 48 bass (with Setting blocks available for 3-r Heligon), front pocket

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