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Spray booths
Place of Origin: Czech Republic
Model Number: Spray booths
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Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, ISO 14000/14001, Other
Spray booths Spray booths
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Detailed Product Description:
Paint booths for the application of liquid water-based or solvent paints are designed for surface treating large components and complete products. The skeleton of the booth is made of either galvanised sheet panels or insulated panels, or may be built from bricks as part of the structure. It also contains lighting and a folding or a louvred door. An exhaust air ventilation system, which filters solid excess paint elements from the exhaust air, and an air supply system, with fine filtration of the air, are supplied as standard in a quality corresponding to resultant finish requirements. Furthermore, all necessary wiring and an appropriate control system are comprised with the booth.

Should the operation of a booth require it, it will be supplemented with various manipulation systems. These include operator platforms ranging from the simplest manually movable platforms to ones with controlled and pneumatically powered triaxial travel. To facilitate handling with treated components, the booths come with added jacks, positioners and other conveyor devices.

General air exhaustion from the work area of booths, or from sections of it, which is replaced by clean filtered air heated to a preset working temperature, is afforded by a block built air-conditioning unit. These contain exhaustion and feed ventilators with heating blocks for a choice of heating media. Systems for heat recuperation or units for supplying moisturised air are optional extras. Due to hot air being circulated in the booths, they can be used to facilitate paint drying.

In order to meet emission limitations in exhaust air permitted by legislation, paint booths contain systems for retrieving or eliminating organic solvents, the extent of which depends upon the consumption and composition of paint used. Applying a final surface finish to a wide variety of products and components of many sizes and shapes is possible in our paint booths. Naturally, a factor affecting this is the end quality demanded.

It is notable that major clients with the greatest demands tend to work in the automotive and aviation industries, as well as in bus manufacture and production and railway vehicle maintenance. Amongst their number are

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