Fading Shadows  -  Nov 16, 2010

	 Fading Shadows
Place of Origin: USA
Model Number: --
Brand Name: Agetec
	 Fading Shadows
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Detailed Product Description:
System : PSP® system
Fading Shadows is a puzzle game set in a vast real-life world with fantasy elements. Navigate your sphere using the beam of light. You will meet numerous obstacles on your way - reveal ancient writings, set fire, reflect light in the mirrors, and evaporate water. Your sphere can change in substance.

# 50 unique levels
# Travel through dungeons, swamps, snow-covered mountains, rivers, and beautiful gardens
# Set fire and evaporate water
# Three types of sphere: glass, wood, and metal; each with its own characteristics
# Numerous interactive mechanisms
# High score table
# Tutorial to practice your controls
# There is a story behind the game
# 2-player's co-operative mode

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