Squadron Strike-Deluxe  -  Nov 9, 2010

Squadron Strike-Deluxe
Place of Origin: USA
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Brand Name: Ad Astra Games
Squadron Strike-Deluxe
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Squadron Strike builds on the Origins Award-nominated mechanics of Saganami Island Tactical Simulator's 2nd edition to let you design and fly spaceships from any universe in full 3-D glory. Want to have spaceships drift by the cold logic Newton's Laws? Got it. How about ones that swoop and bank against the ether of space, like you see in movies. Got it. Want to put them both on the same map and see who'd win? We can handle that too.

While Squadron Strike gives more options for ship design than any other space combat game on the market, its emphasis on play speed has paid off in spades; turns run around 6-10 minutes, and complete games are done in under 1.5 hours.

Lots of information about Squadron Strike from the Ad Astra Games blog. (Start at the bottom of the page.)

Pre-order Squadron Strike miniatures and accessories. These are pewter miniatures of the British, Russian, and Japanese ships featured in the Squadron Strike setting book.

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