Water Melons  -  Oct 28, 2010

Water Melons
Place of Origin: EU
Model Number: Melons and Water Melons
Brand Name: Oranfrizer SRL
Certification: Other
Water Melons Water Melons
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Detailed Product Description:
Melons or Water Melons,
The origin of melons is still uncertain. Most sources give India as their place of origin, while the water melon is from tropical Africa.
Water melons are annual, climbing or creeping plants. The best areas of production in eastern Sicily, where they grow to perfection, are the plain of Catania for water melons and Pachino, Palma di Montechiaro for other melons.
The most successful varieties are Castella, Derby, Mundial for melons and Crimson sweet and Dumara for water melons.

The picking period varies according to climatic conditions and variety. It covers a period of about six months, from about the middle of March to the beginning of August.

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