Hyundai Inc
Responsibility(CSR) has become the key issue in company-society relations. CSR has taken a position of the core pillars of Hyundai Motor as the company strives to establish a new Sustainable Business Management System based on its five primary business principles.
Hyundai Motor Company does not see itself as a mere profit-making entity. It is a Contributing member of global society based on the responsible corporate citizenship. It is one of the main purposes to make a better world in close cooperation with all people and groups, including stake holders, employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and local communities in the world.
Especially Apr, 2007, Hyundai Motor announced its socially responsible management plan to fulfill its responsibility t


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Hyundai Inc

Company Description: Hyundai is a group of companies founded by Chung Ju-yung in South Korea.
Contact Person: Benny Star
Address: Viale Certosa n201 , Milano
Phone: 800 359 127
Product/Service: cars, automobiles, engines, generators, scooters, pumps ,snowblowers
Country: Italy