Le Trone offers the broadest range of Japanese toilets in France accredited by the regulatory European (CE). Our selection ranges from the removable tailgate that fits your toilet all existing toilets with complete integrated whole basin and cistern.
The Zen range includes models with side console flaps. Simple and effective, they provide the basic functions of the Japanese toilet, and often more depending on models.
The Bliss range includes models more attractive, with a remote control interface.
From a design more high-tech, they will surely impress your visitors possible.
The Luxury range offers the absolute must for maximum comfort toilets. These models WC complete integrate all the functions of WC-bidet in the bowl itself, but also have additional features automatic (motorized lid absorber odor, disinfectant etc ....).
The Liberty range is restricted to nomads. With this mini-bidet fordable and convenient well-being will follow you everywhere.
Finally, The Throne offers a selection of contemporary furniture and basins to harmonize your environments bathrooms and toilets.

Company Profile

Company Name: Le Trone
Business Type: Manufacturer
Product/Service: bath and toilet appliances distribution