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The Necto Group has designed, patented and produced new terminals blocks for electrical conductors, featuring a revolutionary screw less connection system named NECTO Quick.
The NECTO Quick system consists of a spring loaded device that is specially designed to grip the cable directly, and to guarantee a perfect hold on the connection. This revolutionary new system delivers unrivaled reliability whatever the operating conditions.

Service/Product of Necto Group:
* air filters for electrical appliances
* bimetal thermostats
* cables with plugs
* cabling for electrical appliances
* electrical tool cables
* electronic cabling
* fastening elements for cabling
* indicator lights
* passive electronic components
* pressure switches
* pressure switches
* printed circuit terminals
* production and distribution of electricity
* switches
* terminal blocks
* terminal blocks for (screw less) electrical appliances
* terminal blocks for lighting
* terminal blocks with (screw less) cable clamps
* lighting accessories
* necto quick
* Active electronic components
* Electricity - import-export
* Electrical components and parts

Languages spoken:
English, Italy

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Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: Italy