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Mar Statue Sacre S.R.L.
Church Fittings and Furniture

Church furnishings and fittings, with statuary constitute the tradition of our warehouse. The articles are chosen from the products of the best craftsmen of Italy and Europe.

We can supply: altars, tabernacles, chalices, ciboria, cruets, crosses, benches, stained-glass windows, frescoes painted on cloth and all that is needed to furnish a large Church or a small chapel.


Our statues are made by craftsmen and artists whose craft is handed down from father to son. They are sculpted in wood or statuary marble, cast in bronze, modelled in, paper-mache or done in fiberglass, light and resistant, as well as weatherproof materials.

The catalog also contains a vast assortment of materials, we are also able to produce some statues created from a simple photo.


We have a very vast assortment of cribs and figures available in various sizes, from 6 to 160 centimeters, prepared in various materials: wood, fiberglass, mica, oxalate, ceramics, terracotta, papier-mâché and gum resin.

We have a vast range of accessories available (houses, wells, fires) and special effects (day and night lamps, pumps, stars and fiber optics) for making a traditional crib.


The range of chasubles, available in liturgical colors, ranges from those that are most inexpensive to those which are more superior, with printed or hand or machine embroidered symbols. As well as chasubles it is possible to find copes, humeral veils and surplices, stoles, cinctures, baptismal robes, from the most inexpensive to those which are embroidered. On request we can make standards and banners.

Consumable Materials

An abundant choice of church and votive candles, liturgical candles for the Blessed Sacrament and Easter, liquid wax, processional torches, Incense and charcoal, candles and garments for Baptism.

Mass kits, viaticum kits, vessels for the Holy Oils, reliquaries.

Materials for making any type of rosary : wooden beads, artificial mother-of-pearl, crystal and plastic; chains, wire and pliers.

Mass Wine, Hosts for consecration, Hosts for Concelebrated and for individual Masses.

Company Profile

Company Name: Mar Statue Sacre S.R.L.
Business Type: Trading Company
Product/Service: Church furnishings and fittings, Statue, Statue Sacre, Cribs Wood, Cribs
Country: Italy