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Dino Children Dino Children's games   -  Apr 13, 2011

A children version of the most successful Czech game Betting on horses with instructions adapted for children. Players buy their ponies and other nece
Dino Toys s.r.o.

Dino Children Czech Republic

Dino Children

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Lotto Game Lotto Game   -  Apr 13, 2011

Shuffle the cards and keep them face down. The goal of the game is to find the picture that is same as the picture in the table. Players are changing
Dino Toys s.r.o.

Lotto Game  Czech Republic

Lotto Game

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Claustrophobia Game Claustrophobia Game   -  Jul 7, 2010

Claustrophobia Game review by Aaron Greene (Picala) I've come to fully accept myself as a board gamer. Before I got into board games though, I lik

Claustrophobia Game Canada

Claustrophobia Game

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