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SC Preference MG SRL
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SC Preference MG SRL

Macilor 8A Timisoara

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Preference Timisoara  -  Nov 12, 2009
Expiry Date:  Nov 30, -0001

Quantity:  1

Packaging:  Subscription or treatment

Valid Dates:  21/12/2009

Purchase Type:  pakage

Detailed Description:
It is a system developed by plastic surgeons and researchers in the medical world and now revolutionizing the beauty industry. Most spectacular innovation which is a proposed Tripolar Radiofrecvency ULTRALIPO cavitation! Cavitation is a phenomenon created by acoustic waves with high intensity and low frequency, which destroy adipocytes final and leading to weight loss in inches. Dilatation and compression sound waves causes extremely rapid succeed in adipocytes, the level vacuole fat, resulting in the emergence of vacuum (cavitation bubbles). Because the movement of liquids during the different phases (expansion and compression), it creates great tension which break (the implosion) adipose membrane and cellular material (fat, waste, cholesterol) is taken and draining lymph through the lymphatic system and weakening inch can be seen from the first session. Tripolar Radiofrecventy therapy offers a new body shape (weight loss in inches) in only 3 sessions. Clinical tests show a decrease (weakening), an average of 4 inches at the first meeting and a weak nearly 10 cm after 3 sessions. Therapy is like an instant liposuction effect surgery and reduce fat (a weak area all worked) located permanently.

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